Welcome to the Harmony House

That special phrase… “Home Cooked Meals” conjures up images of a family setting, fresh foods, warmth, love, healthy eating and comfort…. Are you hungry for a home-cooked meal? Well, that is just what Marilyn and her staff will give you at the "Harmony House Restaurant"…. When it comes to home cooking, Marilyn's shelves are always stuffed with dinner ideas of all kinds.

At Harmony House Restaurant, home cooking abounds with delicious daily noon specials and a variety of selections on the menu. We are located in Downtown Harmony and offer a full line of breakfasts, omletes, homemade cinnamon and dinner rolls, burgers and sandwiches, plus daily lunch specials with real mashed potatoes, vegetables & salad. We also offer homemade soups and our homemade pies are a huge drawing point! …oh, and we make a great cup of coffee too!

Harmony House
57 Main Ave. N ~ Harmony, MN 55939
Phone Number: 507-886-4612

Hours of operation

Monday thru Sunday - 5:00 am to 1:30 pm